We, kamakurayama natto Co., Ltd., started the project for export.
In December of 2013 Japanese food was resistered on UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list.
Then there is great deal of interest in Japanese traditional food in the world, also natto which is hearty ferment food.
Sad to say, some kinds of natto made in foreign countries are different as chalk and cheese.
Many extraordinary cheep natto are made in automated factories in Japan, and exported.
If you eat such kinds of natto, you don't taste rich flavor of it, just only tastes of sauce and mustard.
Anyway, we, kamakurayama natto Co., Ltd., as a natto shop of long standing, hope that many people in the world try to eat natto, and show how natto is tasty and good for your health.
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Kamakura is the place where the first samurai goverment started almost one thousand years ago.
Kamakurayama natto Co., Ltd. is a specialty store of the homemade natto. We have been making the homemade natto using almost only selected Japanese soybeans by a special method for more than 60 years in kamakura.
Japanese traditional culture
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Great Budda in Hase View of Enoshima-island and
Mt. Fuji from Kamakura
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine

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